Hi! I am Rean (Adam) Brooks, and I am your guide to embracing and obeying the true Word of God. Here is my story. Before the Lord showed me the way, I frequently found myself on the wrong side of the law, and God saved me every time. I would turn to Jesus during a crisis, and He kept advancing his countless blessings, yet I failed to truly follow His path.

I also found it difficult to achieve anything. And it seemed that the puzzles of life and the hereafter were beyond my limited consciousness. To make matters worse, wherever I looked for answers, the only thing I found was confusion. My life’s troubles had greatly exacerbated, and I was on the verge of succumbing to hopelessness. But, in those dark moments, Our Lord Jesus Christ showed me the Light. And this time, I truly embraced the Bible and its teachings.

My Services

Keeping our church running smoothly

Prayer For Others

The world is riddled with misery, and our only salvation is by Jesus Christ and through heartfelt prayers to our Lord. Let us pray for health, happiness, peace, and prosperity, through a divine connection to God by his only begotten son Jesus Christ.

KJV Bible Teaching

Transform your life by discovering and contemplating the true messages of Our Lord. My KJV Bible teaching sessions encompass every aspect of life, and guide you toward a rewarding life and journey to heaven.

1-On-1 Biblical Guidance

Implement God’s truth by word into your life, for your success and His glory. Our one-on-one biblical guidance eliminates every doubt and fear, with the Grace of God guiding you through every step until you find divine answers.


True Faith has the Power to Achieve Anything Blessed by Our Lord, I am your portal to the limitless knowledge of The Holy Spirit, guiding you toward great rewards by moving in your faith and the greatest reward to achieve heaven. Join me, as we achieve the limitless power of faith to achieve anything. Let us conjoin our lives with our Lord, and strengthen this bond through unrelenting faith.
Strengthen your faith through these articles and services. You can also help us bless more people with the blessings and wisdom of Our Lord by making a donation here.
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How to Attain Healing
Tuesday 7:00 PM
to 8:00 PM
233 Main St. New York, United state.
Learn How to Pray
Thursday 1:00 PM
to 3:00 PM
233 Main St. New York, United state.
How to Obey your faith and conscious
Sunday 5:00 PM
to 6:00 PM
233 Main St. New York, United state.


Strengthen Your Faith by LEARNING THE TRUE WORD OF GOD


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The Holy Ghost


Miracles and healing

How to

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